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updated: 10 June 2017 at 1209 hrs
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10 June 2017: NP has a full range of Wayfarer foils and other Wayfarer spares.

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Don't let this happen to you!

(170610) NP Boats will stock a limited number of centerboards and rudder blades. These foils will fit Mark I thru Mark IV Wayfarers. Prices and options are as listed below. Shipping costs from Michigan
will be supplied on request.

  • Glass Centreboard                    $525.00 USD
  • Wood Racing Centreboard        $655.00 USD
  • Glass Rudder Blade                   $395.00 USD
  • Wood Racing Rudder Blade      $525.00 USD 

Don't wait until your 45-year-old plywood centerboard or rudder breaks in action. Act now!

NP Boats proudly distributes the Wayfarer
for the UK's  fastest growing boat builder
NP Boats is your local supplier of the Wayfarer built by Hartley Boats, a UK-based company that specializes in quality laminating and boat building. Hartley Boats is the UK's fastest growing boat builder. In addition to the Wayfarer, HB produces fine fleets of Supernova, Kestrel, Osprey, Gull, Wanderer, Hartley 10, Hartley 12, Hartley 12.2, Byte, Byte CII and Rebel Skiffs. Complete information is available on the Hartley Boats web site at (updated 19 Jan 2016)

Details here

Nick's plan for NP Boats U.S.
Hi and welcome to the NP Boats U.S. new and improved web site. NP Boats U.S. has changed direction a bit. Going forward, we will stock Wayfarers and Wayfarer parts. We still have access to all of the boats built by Hartley and will be glad to bring in any of the Hartley products for you. If any club, school or organization starts a fleet of any of the Hartley line, we will stock all parts needed to maintain the fleet. However, our primary focus at this time is to facilitate the rebirth of the Wayfarer class in North America. Please view the boats for sale on our site.

Click here to see how Hartley Boats
and NP Boats US all came about.

Wayfarer Racer in Midwinters 2015 action

Wayfarers on the Detroit River

Rally sailing in the St. Lawrence River's Thousand Islands

Sleeping aboard, while not luxurious, is comfy and cozy.

Nearing the Mackinac Bridge. W1321 impressed everyone in the challenging conditions of the 2011
Tip of the Mitt Adventure.

Lucy loves the Mk IV and Master Marc. Note how she "keeps a good look-out", a vital crew task on any moving boat.
What's New with Nick at NP?
updated: 10 June 2017

(170610) Only the grey one of the barely used boats from the 2016 Wayfarer Worlds still available, priced at $14,950. USD. W11149 is loaded with all of the bells & whistles to make them sing and dance. We also have a brand new Racer and a brand new cruiser in stock. More here.

AND THAT'S STILL NOT ALL!   With every purchase of a Mark IV , new or used you, get a free set of dishes. Yes, I know there has been some grumbling in the past about the quality of the Walmart dishes but we are now upgrading to Target.

Contact: Nick Seraphinoff  at
586 206 5900
In the NP Boats Spotlight
W11135: Andrew Lockhart & Grace Pytell

updated: 13 November 2016 at 1244 hrs

In the 2014 US Nationals at Tawas Bay YC, Andrew Lockhart made his Wayfarer debut as crew for Doug Scheibner of the Bayview YC in Detroit. It was a winning one. This year at Tawas, Andrew turned up for the North Americans as the helm of Doug's brand new Wayfarer Mark IV, with high school sailing coach, Grace Pytell, as his crew. Grace and Andrew had no trouble adapting to a boat new to them and sailed a virtually flawless series in W11135 as they outclassed the rest of a high quality fleet on the waters of Tawas Bay (below). Their performance was reminiscent of the way Uncle Al used to team up with first, Frank Goulay, and then, Marc Bennett (W10861 below) as Uncle Al in SHADES  W3854 shattered previous W records by getting his name onto the championship trophy 13 years in a row (1997-2009).

Here's hoping we can sharpen our skills by sailing against Grace and Andrew many more times. Congratulations to our 2016 Wayfarer North American champions, Andrew and Grace!

The affordable boat that does it all
- and does it in style!

The ultimate all-rounder, the Wayfarer has been top of the class for well over 50 years, and the new GRP mark IV has revitalised this classic making the Wayfarer once again the flagship cruiser, trainer and racer in hundreds of training centres, resorts and racing clubs in the U.K. and internationally with vibrant class associations promoting regular well attended cruising and racing events world-wide.

Richard Hartley and son, Mark, teach Mark IV 101 at the Toronto Sailing & Canoe Club

Uncle Al's Corner returns:
Nick has done me the honour of asking me to keep his NP site lively and up to date. As I used to do in the CWA Whiffle's Uncle Al's Corner, I will speak from 50+ years' experience in Wayfarers. Today, I want to thank Ian Proctor for designing the world's most perfect boat. The Danes call the Wayfarer "alletiders båd". This conveys several possible meanings, all of them apt: Literally it translates into "boat of all times" which I interpret as meaning "the boat for every occasion" or equally aptly "the best boat of all time".

Wayfarer: the affordable boat that does it all.
And it comes with an already assembled built-in family of friendly, helpful sailors world-wide!
The Wayfarer is an extremely sea-worthy cruiser in which you can relax totally or test your limits, whatever happens to be your preference. Sail alone or join one of several annually organized cruises or rallies. The rallies - a camping week of day sailing from a campground - are especially fine starting points for novices.  More here.

Racing in Wayfarers strikes a couple of superb balances: The boat is easy to sail yet performs surprisingly well. We furthermore race at an impressive level of competitive spirit and skill,  yet we remain very much aware that a live-and-let-live attitude is vital to everyone's enjoyment of the sport as we practise it.  More here.

The Wayfarer travels behind any ordinary car with total ease. For even greater convenience, our easy-to-use combi road trailer gives you a road base onto which the boat and its dolly are easily slid. That way, when you arrive, you won't need to back a trailer down the ramp or beach with your vehicle. You just roll the light-weight dolly off the base and hand-launch with ease.

In addition to friendly fellow-sailors who are always happy to share their knowledge, your Wayfarer learning resources include the encyclopedic Wayfarer Institute of Technology (WIT), and two fine "How to" books: The Wayfarer Book and Uncle Al's KISS Your DinghyThe  former is available through the US and Canadian Wayfarer Associations.

In North America you can get and stay in touch with other Wayfarers through the U.S. Wayfarer Association's and Canadian Wayfarer Association's up-to-date web sites: Jim Heffernan Al Schonborn Nick Seraphinoff

Our Events Calendar lives at and carries a complete list of events at which we would be more than pleased to get together with you. Most are racing events but there are significant sailing events aimed at "cruisers". As well, there are the occasional educational events. Of course, all these fixtures are very much social events.

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